Focus on Women

Ash-Sham CARE takes action for the protection of female victims of human rights violations (especially Rape and sexual violence) and for the prevention of such violations. Ash-Sham CARE works on the coordination of adherence to international standards of humanitarian assistance to give women and girls the ability to access services.

Focus on Children

With a focus on Children in Situations of Emergency and Crisis Ash-Sham CARE is guided by the provisions and principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN CRC) and the EU Guidelines for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of the Child, adopted by the Council in December 2007.


The activities of Ash-Sham CARE in Syria and neighboring countries adhere to the principle of sustainable development, as economic development, social development, and environmental protection and will be characterized by holistic thinking and responsible action in all matters of Economics, Ecology, Culture and Politics. 

Emergency Relief

Ash-Sham CARE has developed an Operational Framework to guide programming to the Syria Crisis in the region. The framework provides direction for advocacy and partnership development as well as support to the multilateral humanitarian response activities. Ash-Sham CARE response currently consists of emergency relief material and financial support; National Society capacity building and organizational support in coordinating the overall operational response; humanitarian advocacy messaging; and a preparedness to engage in recovery programming as opportunities allow.

Reconstruction of Syria

Reconstruction of Infrastructure & Return and Assistance of/for Refugees; Economic, Political and Social Development is a main goals of Ash-Sham CARE. For this Mission Ash-Sham CARE collect funds for projects. Ash-Sham CARE safeguards compliance with the humanitarian principles of neutrality, humanity, impartiality and independence. Ash-Sham CARE is a non-political and non-military Association. Syria's struggling infrastructure needs to be restored. Roads, sanitation, energy, telecommunications, and water supply facilities have been devastated.